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Only Half The Story…


This website is a way for me to archive my experiences, share important life lessons, and reflect on what has shaped me into who I am today. I hope its a way to stay connected and inspire others in their journeys too. Personal websites like mine can be a really fun way to connect and engage with others, but one of the big disadvantages I’ve found is that its next to impossible to really encompass the full context of what’s really going on in someone’s life. If anyone actually tried to include this level of detail, it would just be annoying, distracting, and really borning. With that being said, over time online platforms like mine can easily become a highlight reel of the most exciting moments, ultimately giving a false impression of who a person actually is. Please understand that for every exciting experience, breakthrough moment, or fun vacation I share on here, there are many more unglamorous events, frustrating challenges, and utter defeats that also contribute to who I am.

As you explore and read this website, my sincere desire as a limited and imperfect human being, is to inspire others live a great life. Join me in the journey!

David Olson

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